Netstar Joins SafeCity Iniative To Bring Cutting-Edge Technology To Their Customers In Gauteng
Vumacam is delighted to announce that Netstar has become a proud partner of the SafeCity Initiative, which is powered by Vumacam. By embracing this initiative, Netstar aims to add further value to its existing services, while utilising proven crime-fighting technology to ensure the highest standards of safety for all its customers.

Vehicle tracking and telematics company Netstar has partnered with Vumacam on its SafeCity initiative to enhance surveillance across Gauteng.

The Vumacam SafeCity Initiative uses an extensive CCTV camera network to bolster security and visibility in coverage areas. Netstar says it can leverage the technology to identify suspicious activities rapidly.

“This is critical to understanding criminal patterns to aid crime prevention and support criminal investigations,” it said.

Residents will also be empowered by access to a dedicated Telegram group that will communicate all elements of crime and success reports, helping to keep them abreast of all suspicious activities in the area and take proactive actions to keep their family and loved ones safe. 

“Furthermore, Netstar will be able to employ video verification using Vumacam’s cutting-edge license plate recognition to assist with vehicle location and thus shortening vehicle recovery time.”

Netstar Group managing director Grant Fraser said the initiative will also benefit their Gauteng-based customers.

“With this new partnership, we are extending our offering to give customers an extra layer of protection,” said Fraser.

“Should a client’s vehicle tracking device be compromised for whatever reason, we will now also be able to monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle by tapping into the SafeCity network of CCTV cameras.”

Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock said the initiative has led to more than 400 “interceptions” each month and reiterated the importance of forming partnerships like the one it has with Netstar.

“We have seen how our technology is helping to turn the tide against crime in Gauteng with current interceptions sitting at over 400 monthly,” said Croock.

“These interceptions are driven not only by our advanced technology but also by our collaborations with partners like Netstar.”

The SafeCity initiative and network of cameras are currently only available in Gauteng, with future expansion planned for other South African metros.

The initiative recently expanded to the City of Tshwane, with Vumacam erecting the first surveillance pole in September 2023.

Vumacam announced that the rollout had started in July, and it initially targeted the start of August for its launch.

The first phase will see 185 poles go live in 33 of the municipality’s 107 wards over three months. It will provide at least 185 overview cameras and 370 licence plate recognition cameras.

However, Vumacam noted that this depends on the city’s approval of wayleave applications.

The poles are connected to a fibre backbone, with power backups to ensure they continue to operate through power cuts.

“We see high volumes of interceptions daily in Johannesburg through the use of our technology and collaboration with our private security and law enforcement partners,” said Michael Varney, Vumacam’s chief commercial officer.

“While we have just launched in Tshwane, the uptake has been impressive, and we believe the tide will turn against crime in Tshwane as it has in Johannesburg.”