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SafeCity Initiative Rolls Out Across Johannesburg: A Step Towards Safer Communities
The City of Johannesburg is a bustling city with a large population and unfortunately, like many urban areas around the world, crime is a major issue. However, the SafeCity Initiative aims to change that. The initiative, launched by Vumacam, aims to provide additional safety to communities across Johannesburg and close the gaps in previously unprotected areas through technology and the partnership between Fidelity ADT and other security providers.

Vumacam has invested a further R60 million into the SafeCity Initiative by installing and activating 1 850 cameras across the city. Of these, 350 new cameras will be installed in previously unprotected areas. As a SafeCity partner, Fidelity ADT and other providers will now have access to the full network of over 7000 of Vumacam’s cameras, providing city-wide situational awareness crucial to understanding criminal patterns, preventing crimes, and assisting with investigations. 

According to Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Services Group, “Greater city-wide access to camera networks outside of our standard areas of operation will assist with crime prevention and investigations and allow us the opportunity to monitor more areas and stop criminals before they get to our neighbourhoods with the aid of more advanced surveillance software, including AI technology.” 

The SafeCity initiative is designed to close gaps where criminals can hide. It also has other benefits, including protecting critical public infrastructure, such as traffic lights and cellular towers, which will prevent unnecessary disruptions to residents’ daily lives. Making recreation areas safer, including various green belts in collaboration with City Parks, is another key benefit. “Increased cameras across arterial routes and green spaces mean that recreational activities such as running, walking, and cycling can be done with greater peace of mind, knowing that there is another level of security,” Bartmann explains. 

Residents will also be empowered by access to a dedicated Telegram group that will communicate all elements of crime and success reports, helping to keep them abreast of all suspicious activities in the area and take proactive actions to keep their family and loved ones safe. 

The initiative connects private security providers and SAPS through Business Against Crime South Africa’s (BACSA) Eyes and Ears (E2) Fusion Centre for powerful collaboration. “Fidelity has its own command centre that provides hourly updates in the event of any unrest, so this will also interface with the centre providing accurate and verified intelligence,” confirms Bartmann. 

The SafeCity Initiative is a highly effective solution to fast-track coverage and help protect the vulnerable and under-protected. “Public spaces are often a challenge,” says Bartmann. “With SafeCity, we can now be alerted to any incidents of vandalism, illegal dumping, and theft in public spaces, so we can quickly contact the necessary authorities to ensure the perpetrators are swiftly dealt with.” 

As with any community initiative, collaboration is essential to achieve the best results. “Together with Vumacam and residents in the community, we are committed to turning the tide on crime in the City of Johannesburg and appeal to communities to stand together and help contribute to this initiative. Fidelity’s own customer subscription base will now make a monthly contribution,” concludes Bartmann. 

In conclusion, the SafeCity initiative is a highly effective solution to fast-track coverage to help protect the vulnerable and under-protected communities. With the installation of new cameras, advanced surveillance technology, and collaboration between private security providers and SAPS, the SafeCity initiative is a significant step towards creating safer communities in Johannesburg.