The Dawn of a Safer Ekurhuleni - Safe City
The Dawn of
a Safer Ekurhuleni.
Welcome to a new era of enhanced safety in the City of Ekurhuleni!
Together with local law enforcement, Vumacam, and SafeCity security partners, we’re making great strides towards transforming into our next SafeCity.
We already have 150 active poles across the region but that’s just the start of our ambitious plan! With significant investment in the pipeline, we’re gearing up to install additional poles, effectively doubling our existing network and leaving no stone unturned in our fight against crime.
The result? A city where residents and visitors alike can feel safer as they go about their daily lives. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or simply savouring the vibrancy of Ekurhuleni, our virtual surveillance shield has you covered.
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Project Rollout
Our teams have been working in Ekurhuleni, marking pole locations. Although some dates may change, We are looking at activating additional cameras from August 2023.
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Watch this space for developments.

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