The revolution of SafeCity is now - Safe City
The revolution of SafeCity is now
coming to Tshwane.
Welcome to a new era of enhanced safety in the City of Tshwane!
Together with local law enforcement, Vumacam, and SafeCity security partners, Tshwane is soon to be the newest addition to the SafeCity family. As a leader in cutting-edge security solutions, SafeCity is expanding its camera network to cover the vibrant city of Tshwane, enhancing safety and transforming it into a safer and more secure environment for all.
The first phase will see poles being installed and cameras activated at key points identified by law enforcement with hundreds of cameras planned across the region. With our state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive coverage, we are committed to creating a safer future for the residents, businesses, and visitors of Tshwane.
Join us on this journey as we unveil the power of a connected and secure city.
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Project Rollout
Our teams will be marking pole locations and installing in Tshwane from beginning of August 2023. Although some dates may change, we are looking at having the first cameras live by the end of August.
Stay Connected, Stay Safe
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Watch this space for developments.

Speak to your security provider about SafeCity. If they’re not yet a partner, we’re eager to bring them on board.
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Let’s create a safer Tshwane together.