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Vumacam is proud to launch the SafeCity Initiative that brings together private and public law enforcement and the power of CCTV to tackle crime from a holistic, city-wide perspective.
CCTV works and it is time to grow the network, close the gaps where criminals can hide while helping protect those that cannot afford to protect themselves.

SafeCity is a collective effort and is supported by public law enforcement, the private security industry and the communities they serve.
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The SafeCity Research Report
In March 2022, Vumacam commissioned research in the Gauteng region to understand residents perceptions and experience of crime and how to tackle, prevent and investigate it. This research aimed to gauge public support levels for the rollout of the SafeCity Initiative on a national level.
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SafeCity Surveillance system.


Vumacam forms alliance with major vehicle intelligence company.
Vumacam is forming an alliance with cloud vehicle intelligence company NAVIC to expand the coverage and impact of the SafeCity initiative across South Africa.
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Netstar Joins SafeCity Iniative To Bring Cutting-Edge Technology To Their Customers In Gauteng
Vumacam is delighted to announce that Netstar has become a proud partner of the SafeCity Initiative, which is powered by Vumacam. By embracing this initiative, Netstar aims to add further value to its existing services, while utilising proven crime-fighting technology to ensure the highest standards of safety for all its customers.
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SafeCity Initiative Rolls Out Across Johannesburg: A Step Towards Safer Communities
The City of Johannesburg is a bustling city with a large population and unfortunately, like many urban areas around the world, crime is a major issue. However, the SafeCity Initiative aims to change that. The initiative, launched by Vumacam, aims to provide additional safety to communities across Johannesburg and close the gaps in previously unprotected areas through technology and the partnership between Fidelity ADT and other security providers.
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